Asset Register

Austral Air Conditioning Services Pty Ltd is in the process of implementing its software platform with an asset register, within which, detailed performance and expenditure data can be stored per item of equipment. This will enable us to provide detailed life cycle management advice of each item of plant.

Storing of this data we will also facilitate accurate forecasting of the remaining serviceable life of each item of plant based on maintenance expenditure and the future costs of repair. Ultimately, as Facilities Managers, you will have the information at hand to make decisions associated with either extending the life of plant through repair or replacement of the plant based on the Net Present Value (NPV) of your investments.

Further by tracking costs in this manner we will be able to set maximum expenditure thresholds which the system will highlight should they be exceeded, ensuring expenditure remains within reasonable limits as compared to the value of the plant itself.

In addition such an enhancement would also enable us to set internal alarms such that repeated breakdown and operational issues would be highlighted should the time between incidents fall below minimum expected levels of reliability.

Service Contacts

Service Coordinator:
David Abbott
Phone: 02-9999 6633
Service Operations Supervisor: Roger Hamilton
Mobile: 0411 171 661
NSW Service Manager: Emile Thomas
Mobile: 0478 196 008
Services Manager: Sumen Pillay
Mobile: 0410 473 813